About Us

The story so far..............

Cullen Transport, a long established family owned and run business, provides quality road haulage transport and vehicle maintenance.

You could say Paddy and Kevin have been in the haulage industry since they were born!! Their father JJ founded Cullen Transport as an owner operator way back in 1965. Those were the days of a KM Bedford coupled to a 4 inline trailer delivering beer and general goods around Ireland! The company now operates a modern mixed fleet of over 30 vehicles.

Paddy came on board and started the company as it is now back in 1991 as maintenance provider and JJ provided the haulIer service. As the company expanded, Paddy and JJ focused on building the haulage business and Kevin grew up and became responsible for developing our maintenance services!

Throughout the years many things have changed except the value that JJ, Paddy and Kevin ensure is met year on year -  customer satisfaction is the key to their business.

Retirement beckons for JJ, although no doubt he’ll be available for all types of consultancy….but not yet. Cullen Transport will continue as a family run business, under the guidance of Paddy and Kevin and, who knows what the next development will be with the brood they both have, we look forward to this exciting new era.

To be continued.........