Trailer Maintenance

HGV/LGV Maintenance

Operating Licencing Requirements

Legally all vehicle owners must ensure that their vehicle meets mandatory roadworthiness standards. Operating Licencing places further requirements on commercial vehicle owners.

From July 1st  own account operators who fail to maintain their vehicles will  attract fines and penalty points for the driver but in addition may be restricted in the number of vehicles they operate, if at all!

Developments in vehicle technology have resulted in more haulage companies contracting maintenance services to third parties like Cullen Transport who have access to software and specialist diagnostic equipment required to cure even the simplest of faults. 

Meet the New DVA Regulations with the help of Cullen Transport

  • Cullen Transport - Commercial MaintenanceTailor a contract to your needs
  • Service available for all vehicle makes
  • Minimum vehicle downtime
  • Competitive labour/parts rates
  • Maintenance records store in DVA compliant format
  • PDF of schedule of inspections emailed to you each time

Downtime is the most detested word in our sector – our aim is to provide you with a quick, reliable an efficient service to get you back on on the road as quickly as possible. Our customers have complete piece of mind that their commercial vehicles are 100% when they leave our workshop

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